Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who are You?

Who are you? Really. Not the face you put on for different people. Who are YOU? Are you kind and genuine? Are you honest? How is your integrity? Are you a social butterfly or a wall flower? Who 'is' the real YOU? Do you know? Whoever you are, be you. Get real and be real with Jesus and allow him to transform you from the inside out. A makeover from the Maker...~priceless~

You are all of That!

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Is it bug eyes, "bubba lips", kinky hair, chicken legs, thunder thighs... the list goes on and on. Do you pin point everything that you think is "wrong"? If so , what do think you are telling God? That he somehow made a mistake? That how he made you ain't good enough for your standards. Contraire mes amis. Wonderful are his works...act like you know it.

God thought about you before he delicately "knitted" you together in the womb. He thought about what he wanted you to look like. After he knitted you he put that pattern on the shelf never to be used again. You are unique. You are special to God, His masterpiece.

Scripture reference: Psalms 139:13-14
Practical application: Ask God to allow you to see your inner and outer beauty the way he does. Pray expecting.