Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ready To Die?

In order to be a disciple for Jesus Christ and to glorify Him we must be ready and willing to die.
Die to "self". Daily. It's a must. If not we get wrapped up in selfishness and "I-itis", self centered-ness, whining, bickering, moaning, complaining and did I mention WHINING! All sorts of childish behavior.
It can be a vicious cycle. Reminiscent of a dog chasing it's tail. (how silly does that look)
On the other hand, when we humble ourselves under God's mighty hand, fall to the ground and die, (germinate) be hidden, lost to ourselves but found in Christ. We can be used mightily by God. We can fulfil purpose.
Jesus died so that we might live. We must die to self so that Jesus can effectively live in us and through us.
So Suga' go on and BLESS God and die. Die to self. Let God live through you. Bring forth MUCH fruit!

Scripture Reference: John 12:20-27