Thursday, September 27, 2012

Square Biz

Thanks, but no thanks.
I will kindly pass on the "cube".

Thanks, but no thanks.
I'll pass on the on the "square" too!

Thanks, but no thanks.
I'll pass on the on the "mold".
He does not fit!
Now you have been kindly told.

Oval, rectangle or round with a top.
I will not make him fit.
I will not put him in your "box."

Fearfully and wonderfully,
sounds unique to me.
He has to be free
Free who God made him to be.

So Thanks, but no thanks.
I'll pass on the "cardboard".

Now if you would kindly excuse me
I want to be lead by the Lord.

Me, Little 'B' and Trisomy 21

Almost ten lunar months had gone by.
The inquisition that lingered was why Lord,why?

I know that all good things come from above.
Sweetly wrapped in your heavenly love.

I know that you made all things beautiful in it's time
 But Jesus, what about mine...what about MINE?

It's not about you my sweet Princess.
Its not about you at all.
Everything that I made, comes with a cause.

That includes your sweet little 'B".
Remember my word from John 9:3.

Yes Lord, yes!  How could I have been so dim?
Your word has already told me.
 It's so "the works of God should be made manifest in him."

Sunday, May 6, 2012

`Matters of the Heart A modest heart will reflect without.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

~ Adoration~

Lord, your works are awesome.

How did you place sight in my eyes?
Enabling me to see the sunrise.

I can see the trees sway in the wind, their branches bend.

Oh,incredible for me to see
the cumulus, stratus and cirrus,
float lazily
over the trees.
I behold the breeze.
I notice the bees
that pollinate
the aubergine.
How great it is for my eyes to see.

Prince of peace, your opus is awesome!

I praise you for the sight you placed in my eyes.
Enabling me to see the sunrise/
how divine
this sight of mine
I rise and shine.