Tuesday, March 23, 2010


What does it mean to be quiet? I doesn't just mean to not say anything. Its an attitude. To go inward by quieting all the worldly noise and daily distractions to hear from the Holy Spirit. To find rest in the confidence of God. The confidence of knowing he will fulfil his promises to us.
The attitude of quietness is also exemplified by chaste pure behavior. Quiet holiness and submission to God and his order. ( yes that means submitting to your own husband).

My challenge is to embody a quiet attitude and spirit especially when those around me are not in a good mood. My role at this point is to bring sunshine to them with my actions and not to LET their mood transfer onto me.

So I challenge you to Be Quiet and Confident Pure and Moral( translation; don't get a sour attitude b/c other around you have one.

Try to bring their mood or level of thinking up to Gods standard by RESPECTFUL and PURE conduct.)

Wives, a good place to put this into practice is when your hubby has just come home from work and he is in "wind-down mode". Have a meek and quiet spirit as you attend to him. You never know, he could have had a bad day and your smile and gentleness may be the panacea for his soul.

scripture ref: 1 Peter 3:1-4; Isaiah 30:15
key words: chaste, pure, moral, quiet, meek and gentle

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