Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Time Is It Honey?

Now don't get me wrong Suga'. Ain't nothing wrong with time for yourself. But I'mma tell ya somthin', it should be just that. Time by yourself. You and Jesus. Even Jesus had to come away. He did so to fast and pray. This time alone prepared and strengthened Him for his purpose. So our "me time" should do the same. Recharge, refuel. reinvigorate, re motivate, refresh and fill us up so we can pour out to our families again. We should come away from "me time" feeling better equipped to run the race that's set before us.

Um hum. You say, What about "girl time" and time away by MYSELF? Yeah, what about it? Please choose friends wisely. It's good to have good friends. Spend time with women that will positively support and encourage you. That will have your back and pray with you. However, I ask, doyou return home refreshed and ready to jump into Wife and Momma mode? Hmm... or do you walk in the door and get mad and wanna fuss because the floor is full of toys? Do you wanna ask your husband what's wrong with his hands because he wants to know what you gonna cook for dinner? Do you wanna scream 'cause the kids got a million and one questions before you can get in the door good? No, I got it. You just wanna turn back around for a little more "me-time"! If this is what's happening after your "me time", then you just wasted your time. Time is a precious commodity. Make wise use of it.

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